The Provincial is an artist-run project space & curatorial program committed to camaraderie and intellectual verve. We believe enthusiasm and support for artist-driven endeavors is regenerative to community, culture and humanity. We champion friendship, collaboration, and highly curated shows throughout the year. Small gatherings, performances and community events accompany each artistic production. Existing between private, public and online spaces, we welcome artists, guest curators, friends and curious visitors with rural hospitality.

Open by appointment. Guests are welcomed with tea and rural hospitality.  


Thoughtful, well planned submissions are welcomed, however the calendar for shows is booked through the end of 2019.

Melanie Parke and her husband, Richard Kooyman, are painters living and working in a historic property located in the old railroad town of Chief, Michigan, population 13. 

Please call or write for directions and to make an appointment:

7325 Chief Road/ Kaleva, Michigan 49645