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New Collaborations


Carol C. Spaulding & Angela Saxon

June 11- July 2, 2018

The Provincial




Carol C. Spaulding and Angela Saxon felt a shared creative aesthetic and a desire to collaborate. Carol, a painter and mixed media collage artist, inclines toward experimentation, process, art making and simplification. Angela, a perceptual painter, has been engaged in a visual understanding of the natural world for many years.


Collaboration has been part of both of their work in varying ways. Carol is part of a group of 4 artists who meet irregularly for what they call ‘Art Camp’ where they explore painting in large scale, on the ground, and in general challenge each other to think outside the box. Angela worked with artist Royce Deans for a number of years on a series of still life paintings. 


In this current collaboration, both artists were interested in exploring three dimensional work. Their process began with each artist creating a number of ‘starts’ and then passing these back and forth every few weeks. It was thrilling for them to see what had transpired with the work and to have the freedom to push them further. 


They began this exploration with no specific rules. They discussed each of the pieces during the hand-off and together came to decisions on what was finished, what wasn’t working, and what neither of them had interest in any longer. As the work developed they narrowed their focus to creating objects that could be held. Texture and sound became considerations. 


The materials used were for the most part everyday objects, found objects and trash. They didn’t eschew new or finer materials, but rather realized the potential of these ordinary elements.


The concept of ownership is challenged in a collaborative endeavor. Two distinct voices create work that neither one specifically owns. Each has permission to destroy or reject or expand or combine the work at any time, trusting in each other’s vision.


It is fascinating to see how another artist thinks and works. It can illuminate one’s own ideas and practices more clearly. Carol and Angela often started their own daily studio sessions working on these collaborative pieces — excited and inspired by the creative energy that the work generated.


Looking forward, they are thinking about environments and site installations.




Angela Saxon is a perceptual painter interested in the visual language of ‘landscape’ as one that we share: sky, tree, water. Angela translates what she observes into a personal dialect and uses this language to evoke more than a landscape in her atmospheric work. She has been engaged in actively pursuing a visual understanding of the landscape for the last three decades. She has a BFA from Indiana University and lives in Traverse City.


contact info:

Angela Saxon

10666 S Watkoski Road

Traverse City, MI 49684



Carol C. Spaulding grew up in Kalamazoo, MI and earned her BFA from Syracuse University School of Art, with a concentration in ceramic and fiber arts. Since then. she has explored a range of subject matter and mediums including oil, gouache, acrylic, wood, fiber and mixed materials collage. Her popular “Messing Around with Paint” workshops offer art making experiences to beginning and seasoned artists alike. Carol has recently shown in New York and locally at the Oliver Arts Center. She works and teaches out of her self named Studio and Gallery in Maple City, MI.


contact info:

Carol C Spaulding Studio and Gallery

3534 W Lanham Road

Maple City, MI 49664